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Shooting Duel M32 Grenade Launchers With The Gunny! – M32A1 – Kirsten Joy Weiss

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Kirsten asks, “What’s better than shooting a grenade launcher with the Gunny?” She answers the question in this video.

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R Lee Ermey “The Gunny” is well known for movies such as Full Metal Jacket, and ad campaigns such as Glock wrong girl and wrong diner. He has hosted television shows, and is a supporter of the military and the US Marines, as he once served as a Marine. The Gunny has a surprise for Kirsten as they have fun, shooting dual grenade launchers at a bunker on the range, using the Milkor M321A MGL.

The M32 grenade launcher is used by numerous armed forces around the world. In the US, it is produced by Milkor USA, and has six rounds that can be fired in less than three seconds by an expert shooter. The launcher has a revolver-like set-up, and using medium velocity grenades, it can reach up to 800 meters with a destruction radius of 10 meters.

Kirsten gives a quick intro, and The Gunny begins narrating, saying that the M32 is this episode’s featured weapon. There’s a quick montage of some of his shows.

The M321A shoots 42mm grenades, is double-action, and is very easy to use. Everything is adjustable, and Kirsten demonstrates just how comfortable it is. Regarding recoil, they say it’s going to feel like a 12-gauge shotgun. There are Picatinny rails on the grenade launcher, to allow for accessories. They also demonstrate how to load and unload the grenade launcher, including winding it up. There’s an ambidextrous safety, too. It’s a very efficient model, and there’s a reason so many militaries use it.

Kirsten and The Gunny are set to shoot. But unknown to Kirsten, the boys have rigged the bunker to explode as soon as she hits it, as a surprise. The Gunny asks her to fire first, and she does, missing her first shot. They keep missing the target, until one of their shots finally hits, and the bunker explodes.

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