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Shooting With One of the Deadliest Spec Ops Snipers

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Matt introduces a book on Audible entitled, “The Reaper” by Nicholas Irving that details what Irving went through while on duty as a sniper overseas. The episode kicks off with a funny spiel on the word “vet,” Irving being a veteran and Matt being a veterinarian.

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So Matt has a bunch of guns for Nick to fire, and they’ve also got a “non-American engine” that they’ll be sending off in “an American way.” Nick starts with an AR-15, and the rounds went through the engine. Then there’s the 500 Magnum, which DemoRanch viewers are familiar with. Nick has never shot one (or a revolver) and gets to do so now. He describes it as “like punching a brick wall.”

Nick takes some questions. His favorite weapon in combat is the SR-25. He’s never shot a semi-automatic .300 Winchester Magnum (WinMag), which was his buddy Pemberton’s favored weapon. Nick tries out Matt’s, which is lighter because of the carbon fiber construction. He really likes it, saying he’d want to deploy with it next time. He also tries shooting the WinMag one-handed.

Another viewer asks about a specific incident in the book that happened during his time in Afghanistan, where Pemberton fell into a hole that was over a hundred feet deep. He narrates how it happened, and how the resuce turned out. Another question is whether or not Nick gets motion sickness while on a helicopter. He says he finds it exciting, but he did have to conquer his fear of heights — he’s still not a fan of jumping out of aircraft, however.

Nick then fires the .50 BMG, which punches a bigger hole in the engine. While getting ready to shoot incendiary armor-piercing rounds, Matt brings up how Nick was actually the target of an enemy sniper, quoting from his book. Nick says it was the most humbling experience he’s had, because being pinned down by a guy who’s better than him really made him realize that he wasn’t as great as he thought he was. He describes the entire incident, which almost cost them their lives.

One finally went straight through the engine, out of the four crazy rounds they fired. The rest of the rounds didn’t go through. The last gun is the belt-fed 1919 A4 Browning machine gun that is brand-new — even Matt hasn’t shot it. After a bit of a hiccup, they end the day trigger-happy with it.


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