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Shooting Upside Down With My Pinky! – Have You Tried This?? | Trick Shots

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Kirsten tries a new, unusual trick shot, saying, this is her first time shooting a pistol upside down with her pinky, and calling it an odd sensation. It’s the stainless steel version of the Scorpion, and it’s really heavy. She has an egg as a target, which she says is her favorite as it is biodegradable, reactive and just good fun.

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She just got this new pistol, and thought she’d break in its first shots in an unconventional manner, with everything done the first time on camera for viewers — so no one, not even her, knows what to expect. She has never shot a pistol upside-down before, much less using her pinky. She grips the gun and says it feel weird; she doesn’t even know what to do with her hands, and hasn’t even sighted the gun in.

Kirsten fires, and comments on her hearing as she failed to put in earplugs. Her first shot misses the egg, and the second one is farther off. Her third shot hits the egg slightly, but fails to break it. Upon inspection, the side of the egg is chipped in, so she puts it back. After two more upside-down shots, she finally hits and breaks the egg. She goes off to take a closer look, and finds the egg completely obliterated.

It was an interesting experiment, Kirsten says, as with heavy pistols, balance is really important and this gun surprisingly was balanced even upside-down. If anyone wants to try this at home, she says to go ahead, but she can’t recommend it and people will have to do this at their own risk. She ends by saying it was certainly a strange feeling, and brought her back to the beginning, even the works on fundamentals. Doing this also helped her appreciate new shooters, and the awkward feeling of trying something new and different.

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