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Shotgun vs Lamborghini Windshield

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Matt’s really excited about this episode, which features a 12-gauge double-barrel shotgun (he jokes that even Joe Biden likes them) called The Excellence from Zenith Firearms. It’s a stagecoach shotgun, meaning it has a shorter barrel than hunting shotguns, with one trigger to fire both barrels.

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He has pieces of Plexiglas with him. He wants to see if either can stop birdshot — which come in a shell in the smallest BBs he has ever seen. They act like a slug until they hit something, then the capsule opens up and the BBs scatter everywhere. He puts the two Plexiglas pieces about 4-5 inches apart on a table, and fires. Both pieces shatter, so Matt moves on to shooting Lt. Dan the Dummy in the neck. There’s a barrel behind the dummy so he’ll be able to tell how the BBs dispersed. The slug made a small hole through the dummy’s neck and the barrel showed many tiny pits where the BBs went hit.

Matt breaks out a windshield and angles it like a Lamborghini’s would look like in real life. He fires, and the windshield shows some cracks and small dents, but is still very much intact. He then extends the windshield to a Honda Civic angle, loads and fires. He says he saw a lot of leaves fall, meaning the birdshot went straight up into the air, knocking them loose. There are some small chips, but the birdshot didn’t do too much damage.

He adjust the windshield again to a school bus angle, meaning it’s completely upright. He fires, and the windshield gets knocked over. But on closer inspection, the birdshot only made the right side of the glass spiderweb without breaking it.

Matt has some low recoil slugs, which he tries on the Lamborghini angle. The slug, which is a huge piece of metal, goes through and makes a hole in the windshield, but doesn’t break it or crack the surrounding area. He switches to a weird slug that spreads out with a string attached to it. That slug made some cracks and dents, but did not go through the windshield. He proceeds to flechettes, a ball and chain bolo round and Dragon’s Breath. None of them went through, merely skimmed over the top of the windshield.


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