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Shuty MP 1 with Gluty Lower 3D Printed Gun

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This video by derwoodvw shows just how far technology has come – in this case weapons-making. It focuses on the latest version of the Shuty MP-1, which has the charging handle moved to the opposite side and utilizes the new Gluty lower designed by Warfairy specifically for the Shuty MP-1. The Gluty lower allows the MP-1 to accept Glock 17 magazines. The Gluty lower has had over 3,000 rounds fired with it and the new upper has had 1,200 rounds fired through it. Like any semiautomatic, the Shuty MP-1 can fire bullets one after another fed in by a magazine, in this case 9mm rounds.

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The first version of the Shuty was first released on video last summer. Apparently, it was the first 3D-printed semiautomatic handgun. The second version was actually a hybrid firearm that was made of mostly 3D-printed components and some parts from a standard AR-15. The MP1 also has a Glock barrel, hammer, firing pin, bolts, and springs — all parts that can be bought fairly easily and aren’t officially and/or fully regulated.

Before shooting it, he explains that there have been a few small modifications to the gun, such as some reinforcing to the upper and fine-tuning to the timing on the ejector so that it never jams. He goes on to do some pretty cool test shooting using the Shuty MP-1. The gun actually looks more sturdy than some production guns.

The latest version of the Shuty improved on the previous design in just about every way imaginable: it is smaller and more streamlined, has fewer metal parts, and the gun itself has fewer parts for easier and more efficient assembly. The Shuty MP-1 may be a hybrid 3D-printed gun, but it definitely doesn’t look like it. As you will see in the video, the MP-1 fires quite smoothly and according to the creator, it shoots great, too.

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