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Sig Sauer P226 SAO Legion: A 1911 Tactical DragQueen?‬‬

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The SIG Sauer P226 guns are known as full-sized, service-type pistols redesigned from SIG Sauer’s P220 models but with a higher capacity and double stack magazines. The popular P226 produced the P228 and P229 variants. SIG Sauer P226 pistols are popular among law enforcement, militaries and security agencies around the world.

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One of SIG Sauer’s P226 variants was the Legion line, released in 2015. Available in the P226 Legion and P226 SAO Legion models, this range carried upgraded modifications from the West German P226. These included reduced beavertails, a solid steel guide rod, custom-checkered grips, high-grade sights and a custom trigger.

The P226 SAO Legion, meant for single action, has a 4.4 inch barrel and a new safety system that lets a shooter check the gun chamber without having to take the safety off. An enhanced frame, a two-piece X-Five grip and front cocking serrations all add to the P226 SAO Legion’s selling points.

Another modern feature on the P226 SAO Legion are the SIG X-Ray Day/Night Sights, which are just as effective during the day as the night, given that the green light is glaringly obvious. It also features a well-designed ambidextrous thumb safety, enhanced checkering on the front strap and under the trigger guard that allows for a higher grip, and is excellent at quick, follow-up shots.

The changes in the P226 SAO Legion from the other P226 variants are barely noticeable at first sight, but are quite functional when the gun is fired, contributing to overall effectiveness. On the whole, accurate, ergonomic and well-thought out in design and functionality, the P226 SAO Legion is a good buy. For those who prefer wielding a solid pistol. The P226 SAO Legion’s gunmetal gray finish also adds a touch of sleekness and class that makes it stand out from all other black handgu

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