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Sirearms 14″ Mossberg Shorty: How I Broke My Glasses & Saved My Eyes

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In this video, the Late Boy Scout reminds everyone why eye protection is so important when it comes to shooting. He took his Sirearms 14-inch Mossberg Shorty out for some practice rounds, and when he fired the gun, the recoil slammed it back and into his glasses, breaking them.

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He says he wants to discuss the Mossberg Shorty before the accident. The gun is a 12-gauge Mossberg 500 pistol grip firearm, with a 14-inch barrel. And it is not NFA-restricted, which sounds like an impossible thing. But quite simply, it’s not restricted because it’s not a shotgun. The NFA guidelines have specific language describing what makes a pistol a pistol, a shotgun a shotgun, and any other weapon for their various firearm types. But in rare cases, a gun won’t fit any of those definitions, and so fits into the broader category of firearm, where this particularly model belongs.

In short, because it is 26.5 inches in length, and because it never had a stock attached, it can’t be legally defined as a short-barreled shotgun or any other weapon. It is instead a pistol-grip only firearm, and not subject to NFA regulations.

He says he could tell as soon as he got his hands on the Mossberg Shorty that looking down that barrel and getting a bead on a target would be awkward and difficult. The inclusion of a raptor grip on the gun is what makes it legal, but also makes it hard to handle. He added a red dot for better, easier sighting, meaning he had to zero the gun.

Firing the gun from a rest was comical. Having less mass than most Mossberg 500 guns and no stock to brace up against, it was jumping all over the place. He had to get creative to keep it in place. He says he sees he should’ve protected himself more. It took him a while to set the gun, and it got tiring having his face down to sight, so he rested his cheek on the hand for better accuracy. Then when he fired, the red dot smashed into his glasses.

The frames were slightly damaged, and one lens was cracked, but he says he’s thankful he was wearing eye protection and shudders to think what might have happened had he not. He emphasizes how important eye protection really is, given this close brush with injuries.

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