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Slide Stop Or Slide Release? I Bet You Don’t Know

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Patrick from TFB TV talks about a slide stop and a slide release, and the differences between the two, if any. He says that even if people don’t really know what either means, both terms get thrown around a lot in gun conversations, depending on what the manufacturer decided to call it on their model.

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This stems from a video they did before, where many viewers commented on his use of the term “slide release” when talking about a gun, saying that it is actually a slide stop or slide lock. So he’s going to show a bunch of guns, and people can have a field day identifying if it is a slide release, a slide stop, or a slide lock.

First is the Honor Guard Honor Defense, followed by the Sphinx SDB Compact, then the Rollins Special, the Beretta M9 or the Beretta 92FX, Walther PPS M1, CZ 75, M&P22, USP Compact, and a Glock. He then asks if anyone has figured them all out, and says they probably haven’t.

Only one gun in the bunch has a slide release: the USP Compact. It looks “release-y” on that gun, but then the same can be said for the Beretta. But with the Beretta, it’s actually a slide catch. There were two Glocks, both of which had slide stops, but both released pretty easily.

What’s his point? Patrick says it doesn’t matter what the manufacturer chooses to call that specific part of the gun. What matters is how a shooter can employ the part properly – regardless of what it’s called—to fire. He doesn’t care that the Honor Guard, the gun in the previous video, has a slide stop or whatever it is called, but if he were able to use it as a slide release, then he would and he does because it works well.

In short, all those names mean nothing, as long as a person knows how to use it.


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