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Smith And Wesson 617

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The video is a review of the Smith & Wesson 617. The guy from 22plinksterbegins by firing the gun a few times, and says he’s had the revolver for 4 or 5 months. Smith & Wesson sent him the gun, which has a 6-inch barrel and made with the same quality as Smith & Wesson’s other revolvers.

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The 617 has a 10-shot cylinder, and can be used for either competitions or just plinking, like what he does. It has a good trigger, and while it’s a bit hefty at 44 ounces, which can make it heavy to handle, it’s a good gun. It has rubber grips and target sights are fully adjustable for windage and elevation. He has a new range, which he hasn’t completely set up yet, but will be using for videos.

One of the best things about .22 revolvers, he says, is their versatility. He has a bunch of .22 ammunition with him, because he says the revolver will shoot anything. He tries the 22LR Standard Velocity rounds first, and has no problems. Next are some 22 short CB munitions, which are low powered and are quieter to shoot. Next are some 22 Super Colibri rounds, which don’t have any powder in them so they’re used as primers, and he says he’s not sure how accurate they are.

Then there are some 22 LR CCI Shotshells, which he says he likes having around. Then he shoots some CCI Stingers, saying that in semi-automatics, it is not good to shoot CCI Stingers because the casing is a bit longer and the bullet is a bit shorter, which can mess up some .22 semi-automatics. Then there are Piney Mountain Red Tracer .22 LR Rimfire Catridges.

He says the good thing about Smith & Wesson is that while they can be expensive, they are built like tanks and will last you a lifetime, maybe even until your kids’ lifetimes, so they are good investments. The 617 is a great choice – they shoot straight, function almost flawlessly and are a great all-around revolver.

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