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Sniper Rifle Challenge

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Larry of Vicker’s Tactical says he’ll do something different – this time, he’ll do different shooting positions and using different mediums.

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As requested by fans, Larry had his crew set up various things to shoot at, and he’ll try to shoot from various positions. The first challenge is standing from a corner of a house, to hit a target beside a car around the corner. He gives some tips on how to brace against the corner of the building, which in real life would mean protecting yourself from exposure. He made the hit the second time.

The next is standing and kneeling with rifles of different weights. A lightweight training rifle goes first, standing then kneeling for both to see the difference. He also gives an explanation on how each gun should be shot in each position. With the light gun, it was more about controlling the gun, while with the heavier one, it was more about balancing and controlling recoil.

The next challenge was to shoot through a minivan at around a hundred yards from the hood of the SUV, with a steel target behind the van. There were three guns to be used here: the MK 12 SPR, the AI 308, and the AI PSR. The only thing covered in a car is the engine, you have to assume a 9mm and above will sail through any vehicle’s parts without bulletproof glass. The first bullet went through the van, but he said it wouldn’t have really done any considerable damage to someone behind the car. The bullet went through the van and knocked down the target. The last one took a serious dent to the target after passing through the van.

The next was the cinder block challenge, which somehow simulates a warehouse wall of sorts. The idea is to see if a bullet can go through and hit anyone hiding behind a wall, using the same three guns as before. The first bullet went through the blocks but did not hit the target, just spraying some debris. The second one went through the blocks and hit the target. The third and most powerful one from the AI PSR went through the blocks and hit the target, blasting it out of the stand and causing significant damage.

The end of the video is a quick rundown on the AI PSR and Mile High Accessories.

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