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Tactical Armament Fire and Ice AR-15 Review / High Quality & Super Affordable AR-15

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The video is a feature on a new, different kind of AR-15 rifle from Tactical Armament. The maker of the video says that he thinks a lot of people really like the idea of AR-15 rifles but perhaps get too turned off by the “tacticalness” of the gun. In addition, there’s a lot of stigma and controversy surrounding AR rifles, so civilians might like the ergonomics but are hesitant to own one.

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Tactical Armament’s new AR-15s are called the Fire and Ice ARs, one being red and the other blue. These new rifles are a good compromise between the more law enforcement or military-type rifles and the friendlier, range-shooting ARs. They are still solidly built, of good quality materials, but are more affordable and come in these cool new colors.

Tactical Armament, a weapons company from Utah, prides itself on making excellent weaponry. This is no exception. Although the rifles look like toys at first sight, they deliver quite the power and performance in the same range as regular-looking AR-15s. The company maintained its high-end manufacturing process so these guns are well made and look pretty sharp.

The upper and lowers are made of high-grade aluminum with anodized finish, and were designed to be lightweight. The skeletonized design makes it look futuristic, but basics such as a modular area for accessories on the front are there, as well as iron sights. The muzzle has a “dragon’s head” muzzle device, made to disperse the gas exiting the barrel fully so that there is less recoil. He says this is an excellent feature for rapid firing.

Upon taking the gun for a test run, he found that the rapid reset trigger was crisp, but had enough resistance to allow for double and treble taps, so it might take some getting used to. Otherwise, the gun was fun and easy to use, with no signs of unwieldiness and took a long time before being noticeably weighty.

Tactical Armament offers awesome quality with a different look and style and feel, and he was able to get a great deal on the rifles – including 45 degree iron sights, a gun case, a custom mag and a single point sling. Aside from that, other accessories can be bought for almost half their price when purchased with the gun, like mags and a rapid deployment bag. Just call the number on the screen!

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