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Taurus Curve – Is It Terrible? | Pro Shooter Review

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Kirsten does her own review of the much-maligned Taurus Curve. She says that this pistol is something people love to hate. She notes that the Taurus Curve was designed for the purpose of self-defense while remaining easy to carry around. Its curved design has made it famous, and Kirsten takes a look at how this conforms to the body, how well it shoots and functions, if it’s a better option for women or men, and ultimately, if it’s worth buying.

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She begins by saying that the Taurus was meant to conform to a body’s natural curves, and Taurus calls this “the gun you wear.” The gun is small and lightweight, even if it does have an unusual shape – it looks like a square gun. Taurus designed this from the ground up for concealed carry, and is the only one of its kind on the market.

There are no snag points – there aren’t even any sights, no external safety, no protruding buttons. There is a clip, but it’s for attaching to a waist band. Even the barrel is curved, and the tip has no rifling. The barrel is in line with the grip. Kirsten tries to wear it appendix-carry style and says it’s uncomfortable, but for a hip carry, it is very concealed though it takes some getting used to.

When it comes to ergonomics, the comfort is a lot like other concealed carry guns – they’re small, they jump, and she’s not too enthusiastic about it, but it serves the purpose of being a convenient, self-defense weapon. It is not for left-handed people, she notes, as there would be discomfort for them. There is no slide release button, but it can be annoying because releasing the slide means disconnecting the magazine – overall operations are rather complex when it comes to safety, but this isn’t entirely Taurus’ fault.

When it comes to shooting, the trigger is extremely heavy and odd. But that is good for defense because it prevents accidental shooting. But there is a huge con when it comes to reset, as cycling the gun can become annoying. Accuracy was good; she fired it and it did the job of reaching the target at 15 yards.

Overall, Kirsten says it’s important to train with a gun and be comfortable with it, whether it’s this Taurus or any other thing. She says if Taurus tweaks some things, she would recommend it, but otherwise, it has a lot of issues.

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