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TERRORIST KILLER Swedish Military Track Fire Gun System

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The Swedish military Track Fire RWS will be a great system for the Swedish and will be a good weapon to be used on terrorists if it is ever deployed to Iraq. Military Soldiers today face a constantly evolving battlefield and must react instantly to the demands of every situation. Saab offers critical solutions, capable of responding to the threat – whatever form it may take.

The Trackfire Remote Weapon Station (RWS) is based on over 40 years of developing stabilised electro-optic platforms for the land and naval arenas. The user benefits from a next-generation, lightweight, fully stabilised and remotely operated weapon and sensor system which provides cutting edge performance in both of these domains. The Trackfire RWS is designed for use on all types of military platforms, including vehicles, vessels and static emplacements.
Flexibility is key to the success of the Trackfire RWS. Compact and modular, it has the capabilities to be integrated into a wide range of platforms. Adaptable to every situation, the system has the bility to be tailored to meet the particular needs of each mission. A building block design philosophy ensures that Trackfire RWS can be configured and deployed to meet any threat – whatever the conditions.

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