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That Thingy on The Tip Front…

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Matt begins the video with an intro where his brand-new military Humvee pulling up, and a face-off with himself, where his doppelganger points to his gun and says he likes the “blasting thing at the tip” of it. Matt says he can’t be friends with someone who doesn’t know what it’s called, and the other Matt tries a few wrong guesses.

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He introduces viewers to the 1989 military Humvee, which looks similar to the H1 Hummer. He has an entire video on it on Off the Ranch — he has a lot of plans for this vehicle. But on to the video. He recently got a Ruger Mini-14. His doesn’t have a muzzle brake, while Rob’s does. People aren’t really sure what exactly a muzzle brake does, so this video will demonstrate it.

He has his two most dramatic guns that need muzzle brakes — the 338 Lapua Magnum and a 300 Winchester Magnum. Both of them, especially the Lapua, have big muzzle brakes and he picked these because the muzzle brakes on these two giant calibers are good at negating recoil.He has two smaller guns, a 556 and a 308, both without muzzle brakes. He’s going to compare them.

Matt fires the Mini-14 without the muzzle brake first, fires from a resting position and says the rifle doesn’t have a whole lot of kick. He fires from the shoulder and away from the shoulder, and the last one kicks the rifle quite a bit. He moves to the Winchester Magnum with the muzzle brake and fires from all three positions. He notes that the huge gun isn’t jumping up or kicking back at all, meaning the muzzle brake is doing is job. He explains how both guns are auto-loading.

These next two guns aren’t auto-loading, so they’re expected to kick back pretty hard. He starts with the 308, and the recoil is quite strong — the tip of the barrel jumps high up when fired. Matt tries the 338 Lapua Magnum with a muzzle brake, which is incredibly loud when fired but does not kick anywhere as much as the 308, especially for such a big gun. Matt then explains how muzzle brakes work.

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