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Top 10 Movie Snipers

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Here’s WatchMojo’s top ten picks for snipers in movies — take them with a grain of salt, of course. The list is of movie snipers who excel at their craft, through confirmed kills, skill shots or just plain bad-assery. These are movie guns not even fancy video games would want to go up against.

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Number 10 is GySgt Bob Lee Swagger in “Shooter.” Played by Mark Wahlberg, this tormented ex-military sharpshooter gets set up by rogue government agents and basically sticks true to his name. Swagger’s superhero-like combat story included an assassination of a president.

Number 9 is The Jackal from the 1973 movie, “The Day of the Jackal.” Edward Fox is a hired gun on the run in this French political thriller. Popular among crime kings for his hitman skills, The Jackal is hired to kill the president of France.

Number 8 is Sharice Watters in “Smokin’ Aces.” Taraji Henson chalks up a hundred points for women in playing the beautiful, badass sniper who handles an M82, and is part of an assassin team that’s after a lucrative mark. One of the most memorable scenes is when Sharice just opens fire on the FBI.

Number 7 is Chris Shiherlis in “Heat.” A sniper is a must for every criminal gang involved in high-stake robberies, and Val Kilmer does an excellent job as the trigger-happy right-hand man.

Number 6 is Mick Taylor in “Wolf Creek,” an Australian horror movie from 2005, starring John Jarratt who plays a deranged killer with impeccable aim.

Number 5 is The Caller in “Phone Booth.” This entire movie hinges on a sniper played by Kiefer Sutherland (mostly his voice) taking aim at Colin Farrell in a phone booth — all while staying on the phone.

Number 4 is LCpl/Pvt Anthony Swofford in “Jarhead.” Jake Gyllenhaal plays a sniper on Operation Desert Shield, undergoing training and field action in the Persian Gulf, in a documentary-style narrative.

Number 3 is Pvt Daniel Jackson in “Saving Private Ryan.” Barry Pepper makes his mark — literally and figuratively — in this star-studded cast as the Bible-quoting sharpshooter who made the team’s mission possible.

Number 2 is MGySgt Thomas Beckett in, what else, “Sniper.” Tom Berenger is an experienced sniper charged with taking down a criminal in Colombia.

Taking the number 1 spot is Vassili Zaitsev from “Enemy at the Gates.” Jude Law does a sniper versus sniper showdown in this depiction of the Battle of Stalingrad, and takes down soldier after soldier with perfect hits.


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