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Top 5 Amazing Facts about Snipers

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Watch Mojo presents some awesome fun facts about snipers and what makes them so deadly, with an introductory clip from the movie, “Jarhead” where the soldiers chant, “Without my rifle, I am nothing.” The video takes a look at snipers’ tactics, challenges and what they’re capable of.

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Number five is that snipers generally do not work alone. One of the sniper’s primary and most important jobs is to provide over watch for other units conducting operations so they can keep fellow soldiers safe. They virtually always have a spotter. It seems logical to have a second person watching the sniper’s back, but what people don’t realize is that the spotter is usually the more experienced sniper. The spotter helps identify targets, gauges the distance and judges factors that could get in the way of a bullet.

Four, snipers can use sound to locate enemy snipers. Bullets move faster than the speed of sound so after a gun fires, the distance between the bullet and the sound wave from a gunshot grows larger and larger. This lets snipers use a technique called “crack-bang” from the ballistic crack a bullet makes. By counting the seconds between the crack and the following bang, there is enough data to tell where another sniper is.

Third on the list is that the longest distance recorded kill was just under 2.5 kilometers, which would be like standing on one end of 27 football fields and hitting a person at the end of all those. The shot was made by a corporal in the British army in 2009 who made two confirmed kills using a .338 Lapua Magnum rifle. The bullet was in the air for approximately six seconds before hitting the target.

Number two is that many factors can throw off a bullet’s path. The most obvious factor is distance, but there’s also wind, humidity, air pressure, altitude of the shooter versus target, and so on. All of these have to be accounted for when adjusting the scope, which is also why a good spotter is necessary. The record holder for the longest shot said that conditions for making that shot were perfect that day, which is how he pulled it off.

First is that being able to hide is just as important as being able to shoot. Snipers rely on their ability to hide for protection. Snipers are taught to think outside the box when they train, to use their surroundings for effective cover and looking for places to shoot from where others wouldn’t think of. Camouflage is a sniper’s best friend, and the worst mistake a sniper can make it to forget to camouflage his weapon.

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