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Top 5 AR15 Alternatives

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The AR-15 is one of the world’s most popular rifles, so it’s no wonder that there’s no lack of both praise and criticism for it. Regardless, not everyone is a fan of the AR-15, so for those who want something similar, here’s a list of AR-15 alternatives currently out on the market.

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FN FS2000 – a fully automatic NATO bullpup assault rifle, the FS2000 looks fancy but nonetheless handles and points really nicely, features a modular system, has great features like a trapdoor to check the chamber and is great for ambidextrous use.

Heckler & Koch 33 (HK33) – there is a large number of copycats for the HK33 out there, including some kits that will let users build one for between $600-700. This original HK33 assault rifle was based on the HKG3 design, and carries some characteristics to the HK33. This shoots very well and has good sights.

FN Scar 16S – familiar to video game players everywhere, the FN Scar 16s is a bit expensive, but is one of the most well-made and well-received guns of its kind. Self-loading and modular, it is in use in over 20 countries today. It looks bulky, but is lighter than it seems and handles quite well, a fact that has made it quite popular in pop culture.

Ruger Mini-14 – reliable and accurate, the Mini-14 is lightweight and has a good design, including good sights above the bore, which is a unique feature. It has a track record for successfully firing blanks without clogging, which has led to its use in several movies and television series. There is a wide market for Mini-14 accessories, making it highly customizable.

Steyr Aug – an Austrian bullpup that has a proven record, great history and wonderful support, it is modular, performs very well and has magazines readily available everywhere. It is also being used by the armed forces of several countries.

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