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Top 5 Carry Guns Under $400

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Guns don’t generally come cheap; at least good-quality guns bought through legal channels don’t come cheap. But there are some great carry guns out there that sell for under $400, and are made to be easily toted around and concealed when not in use. Here’s a list of the top five carry guns that are affordable without sacrificing quality.

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Ruger LCR – one of the best concealed and carry weapons ever, this Ruger combines the excellent quality the company is known for with a lighter build, shorter and smaller parts while maintaining reliability and accuracy in shooting. Reduced recoil, a smooth trigger pull and extremely durable craftsmanship make the Ruger LCR worthy of its position as the number one concealed gun in this price range.

Walther PPS – a good gun overall, especially for those who prefer lighter guns, the Walther PPS is the model that started the craze for super-thin guns. Light and easy to handle, this is a good gun for concealed carrying.

Smith & Wesson Model 637 – small and simple, this gun has all the good qualities Smith & Wesson is known for in their manufacturing. One of the most popular personal defense revolvers, this Smith & Wesson has decades of proven performance to its name.

Ruger SR9c – slightly more expensive than others but still below $400, this Ruger os perfectly sized to be comfortable and controllable, accurate and easy to shoot. The Ruger SR9c also allows for accessories on its mounting rail, and features good sights plus a solid grip. It’s also a good gun for ambidextrous or left-handed users.

Ruger LC9s – the least expensive gun on this list, this Ruger is affordable any day of the week. Compact and with no frills, the Ruger LC9s is so easy to carry and conceal. It features a short and light trigger that gives accurate shooting, and has a rugged construction with a checkered yet comfortable grip.

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