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Top 5 Combat Shotguns

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Eric and Chad discuss their top picks for best combat shotguns readily available, as of this video’s posting. They say many of these have been used by various militaries and law enforcement agencies worldwide, so they have earned their reputation.

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This is a highly debated subject, they say, and they have gotten input from viewers. Shotguns are great for personal self-defense, and those on this list are no exception.

The Benelli M3 is an old classic. Its unique feature is that it is a convertible shotgun, so it can go from pump to semi-automatic quickly. This is immensely useful – you can run all kinds of shells on it, from low-velocity to Magnums. It’s versatile and hard to beat. It was also used in the movie “Heat,” one of Chad’s favorites.

The box-fed Origin is next on the list – a personal favorite of Eric’s. It’s crazy and futuristic-looking, and it gets points on the “cool” factor. It’s an AK-style shotgun, with a quick takedown barrel system, and is just a great, fast shotgun that cycles very fast. It does lack versatility, but it makes up in performance. It’s a very “video game gun.”

There’s the Remington 870, which is a very classic shotgun that has been around for some time – it’s been a military and police shotgun forever, Chad says. It’s impervious to pretty much all the elements, and it can run anything put in it, making it a very flexible shotgun. In addition, this is a pretty affordable gun, even as low as $280 for basic models.

An oddball on the table is the Self-Loading Police shotgun. It’s an awesome shotgun, and they haven’t been around very long. The one they have is the tactical model. It’s a smooth shooter, though it does look like a Winchester SX3.

The Benelli M4 – Chad’s favorite – has an Argo gas system, which is more reliable and cleaner, supposed to give faster cycling and can run a wider range of ammunition. The M4 is a very fast shotgun, which is great in combat situations. The Marines use this gun, to an extent. They are expensive, however.

There’s a wildcard here: the Beretta 1201, the gun that started it all for Beretta. They are inertia-driven, and have been around for decades. It’s lightweight, and are relatively inexpensive, and are very useful.



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