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Top 5 Dumb Gun Products

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Patrick takes a look at – and takes apart – the top five products that he thinks are the dumbest when it comes to guns. These are things he has come across as a senior writer for The Firearm Blog, or as a firearms enthusiast in general, and have made him think what on earth the makers were thinking when they came up with these.

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Since the firearms industry is growing so rapidly, there is hardly any room for dubious manufacturers that are only there to make “cool” products that have no real purpose or function. There are too many poor products out there that need to be checked, so it’s up to consumers to be informed so that they can spend money wisely.

Patrick starts with the Glock 17 pistol to rifle conversion kit. It’s a 16-inch barrel that will replace the stock barrel, making it a rifle length, and there’s an attachable stock that makes it non-NFA. It doesn’t work as it should, causing malfunctions. He questions the quality of the barrel as well, in terms of how it was designed and produced.

Next is the bungee holster, which is a hair tie, to be short. It’s supposed to loop through a handgun and onto a belt, which is pretty dumb because it really does nothing and will do more harm because the trigger guard is left clear anyway. Third is the pistol-mounted base plate where you can attach a knife on it. Patrick doesn’t see any use for this, as if there were a zombie or anything, he’d just run in the opposite direction. It’s pretty useless.

Fourth is the Picatinny muzzle break, which was reviewed on the blog. It did not do a good job at mitigating recoil and did not hold up well – it eroded from the rifle blasts, just like that. Last is the MULE stock, the idea being that it holds a Glock within an AR stock. Frankly, this is a ridiculous idea in general, as there is no need to  have a handgun inside a rifle.

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