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Top 5 Most EFFICIENT .380 Pistols (4K UHD)

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In this video, James of TFBTV discusses the handguns that are mathematically the best subcompact .380 firearms on the market. He focuses on the top 5 most efficient double stack subcompact .380 guns, and the most efficient 6, 7, and 8 round single stacks.

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He starts by calling back to a video he did on the top mathematically superior 9mm handguns, which was tongue-in-cheek. He describes how they came up with the formula. There are two sets of numbers – the first James calls rounds per ounce (capacity divided by weight). The second is rounds per square inch, which is more complicated (capacity divided by width times height). Adding those two numbers gives a composite score. He figured that any number between 2.5 to 3 is a good score, 3 being the highest.

He then discusses how double stacks have an edge compared to single stacks, and gives a link to how he calculated the scores. The Bersa Thunder Plus is number five on the list, the double stack version of the Bersa Thunder 380. This holds 15 plus one rounds, and it has a metal frame. It came in with a perfect score of 3, and costs less than $400.

Number four is the Kahr CW 380, because the Kahrs have some of the best triggers. These are single stack, and are hammer-fired, plus they are inexpensive. They have a better fit and finish with almost all other 380 guns in the class. It has a score of 2.65.

Number three is the Taurus TCP. The TCP is very compact and lightweight, with a score of 2.763.James says Patrick added that the TCP has the best bang for your buck, because it has a good trigger and performs well. However, the TCP has been discontinued, replaced by the Taurus Spectrum.

Number two is the DiamondBack DB380, which is really ugly but has great specs. It is small and compact, and is really cheap. It’s US-made, striker-fired, with adjustable sights, and a score of 2.82.

Taking number one is the P380, which is really lightweight and excellent for concealed carry. It’s the lightest, most efficient single-stack 380 on the list, though the Ruger LCP admittedly outclasses the P380 when it comes to features and design.

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