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Top 5 Gun Guy Movies: The Best Gun-Action Films

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James lists the top five movies that have the best firearms, from a gun guy’s perspective. He used input from a poll completed by Patreon supporters to help with the list, and all of the movies shown actually had critical acclaim.

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Fifth on the list is the John Wick series, which James hates. But to be objective, he’s putting it in because of the weapons they use. He calls them the “cringiest” films, but they were first on the Patreon list. He names a few more things he saw that were very wrong, but the movies did well with the action scenes, and with the critics. In addition, Keanu Reeves did well with his own stunts, driving – the works.

Next is an unconventional pick, “District 9.” There are some great real-life guns, some great fictional guns, all of which were used very well in the battle scenes. It was nominated for four Oscars because of its emotional, excellent storyline, and there were so many badass South African guns, which James names one by one.

Third on the list is the Terminator series (he specifically mentions “Terminator I,” “Terminator II” and maybe even “Terminator: Salvation”). There’s the iconic scene in the second movie, and the first one jump-started Arnold Schwarzenegger’s career. The second one was almost flawless in its use of guns, James says, particularly the reloading scenes. Any gun guy would have a favorite scene from that movie. He also points out some cool stuff about “Salvation.”

Second on the list are the first and second movies of “The Matrix” franchise. These are gun movies through and through, with really great innovation and high coolness factor. For a movie made in 1998, it was very inclusive when it came to guns – except for the 1911, which was noticeably absent. They had a blend of realism and fantasy when it comes to guns physics, albeit some of the plotlines did not make sense, and the third movie was almost universally hated by viewers.

First is a film that has been praised for its realism, technical accuracy and actor performances: “Heat.” It’s an exceptional thriller, drama and action movie rolled into one, with a star-studded cast. It’s now a cult classic, especially for gun guys, what with its variety of common and less common guns making an appearance. James names all of those that show up in the movie, saying that it’s number one because it was well-acted, had a great story and the gun handling was very pragmatic without being over-the-top.


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