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Top 5 Gun Myths That Hollywood Taught Us

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WatchMojo presents the top gun myths that Hollywood has made people believe (or at least the general public that don’t know their guns). These are things that have been repeatedly shown in movies and television shows that those unsuspecting may think them true, when they’re actually not.

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Myth #5: Bullets can still hit you through water

The water is a bad place to be in an action movie, as so much can happen, aside from drowning or getting eaten by sharks. But when bullets hit water, water hits back — much like how it hurts when a person belly-flops. Slow-moving rounds impact with more force and can travel up to eight feet in the water, but those with more velocity lose their energy on impact and will not kill anyone who’s deep enough underwater.

Myth #4: Cars are bulletproof

Hollywood has taught viewers that they can rely on the automotive industry to keep them from getting killed. This is false, dangerously so. Cars are built with structural support for impact with other cars or objects hitting them, but the metal parts are kept light, so a bullet can easily punch through a door and travel to come out the other side, hitting anything in between. The one bulletproof part of a car is the engine.

Myth #3: Bullets cause things to explode

Firing a few rounds at a car usually results in some pretty explosive action sequences. But car manufacturers actually work hard to make sure this does not happen in real life. The car would have to take some serious damage for the gas tank to blow up. It is, however, true that many other objects will explode when shot, such as pressurized objects like spray paint cans.

Myth #2: Bulletproof vests will stop anything

When it comes to bulletproof vests, it depends on the armor, but more importantly, it depends on the bullet (Demolition Ranch makes a cameo here). Rifle bullets that are smaller and move so much faster will shred soft-body armor. Military units use hard steel plates, which will stop some rifle rounds, but there will still be energy transfer, meaning bulletproof vests are not a hundred percent safe.

Myth #1 Silencers make guns super quiet

Gunshots are really loud — on average, they are noisier than rock concerts or jet engines. Bruce Willis has permanent hearing damage in one ear due to the “Die Hard” movies. When a gun goes off, there are three sounds: the gun going off, the gunpowder exploding, and the bullet breaking the sound barrier. A silencer helps with one of these sounds, but at best, only cuts back around 30 decibels.

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