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Top 5 Guns of 2016

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In this video, the Late Boy Scout gives a quick rundown on the guns that most impressed him in 2016. He clarifies that this is not a list of the top guns that came out in 2016, or the top 5 guns that he reviewed. These are the guns he had the most impressive experience with, which will be self-explanatory.

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Before that, he has an honorable mention: the Savage Mark II. He picked it up around five years ago for only $90, and repainted it. He also put in a new trigger after an accident, which explains why it makes honorable mention – the trigger was excellent.

Number five on the list is the Romanian TTC Tokarev. He has not shot it a lot, but it was impressive enough for him. It holds quite expensive, hard-to-find cartridges, but it has excellent velocity. The gun itself is affordable, and is a powerful gun to own.

Number four is the Smith & Wesson M&P9 Shield, which is available in .40 and .45. He loves it as a concealed carry option because of how shootable it is – and his wife agrees. It’s reliable and very light, plus has great accuracy.

Number three is the Ruger American Ranch 5.56, which he bought some years ago but did well for him in 2016. It was outfitted by Optics Planet, and he added a rail to it. He took the gun on a hunt and was able to shoot a coyote with it, which made for an incredible experience. It carried well in the bush and in the woods, and was easy to maneuver.

Number two is the Canik TP9 (SF or V2), which he mentions some may take exception due to the international politics of it. The Canik performed so well, and was so reliable – he only oiled it once and cleaned it once, but it kept on shooting thousands of rounds. It’s a great defensive option, too.

Number one on the list is the Ruger LCP II. He was very impressed with it, as it is incredibly easy to carry. It fits in a pocket, is hardly noticeable and performs as well as can be expected from Ruger.

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