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Top 5 Guns Found in Evidence Lockers

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The video discusses some of the guns most commonly found in police evidence lockers. They say that in no way are they suggesting that the firearms are better for criminal activity, but they are in a class that makes them readily available as “throw-away” guns in illegal activities. They also say that some of the guns shown here were never used in a crime but rather stolen and placed in evidence lockers upon their recovery.

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When a gun is used in a crime and recovered, it’s placed in an evidence locker in police stations. Most of the firearms showed in the video are those that have been cleared. What happens to weapons that have been cleared is that they are usually sold at auctions or to special dealers.

The Sigma is the first one up, from Smith & Wesson. Designed after the Glock, it’s not a bad pistol for its price. It’s widely available and cheap, making it the gun most found in evidence lockers. They’re reliable and accurate, and so are often used, not just by criminals but by plenty of other people.

The Hi-Point C9 is up next, infamous for being easy to throw away, as they are light, cheap, accessible, manufactured to the lowest standards, very common but are functional and most of all, are easy to dispose of. They are bought by plenty of civilians all the time.

The standard .22 rifle is up next, primarily because they’re usually stored by older people then stolen by others to use in criminal activity. Not just that .22 rifles are commonly stolen also for pawning, which are then used for illegal matters. Model 60s are also some of the most mass-produced rifles in the USA, so they’re very abundant and accessible.

The next gun is the SKS with the folding stock, making it easy to carry around and hide in a backpack or even under a coat. They were incredibly cheap and common, especially in the 1980s and were easy to customize, making them perfect for criminal activity.

An honorable mention on the list is group of little AK pistols, because they’re also easy to get rid of.

Last on the list are versions of .38 or .48 guns or throwaway guns that have duct-tape grips or are welded together from spare parts, sawed off – essentially guns that have been cobbled together as long as they work.



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