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Top 5 Guns You Never Knew Existed

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The guys from Iraqveteran8888 present a segment on Top 5 gun you never knew existed in this episode. They say the video features some oddball guns they’ve found.

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The first is a Steyr Hammer pistol that is stripper-clip fed, has no removable magazine but is loaded by locking the fly to the rear, applying the safety to lock the slide. It was considered a pretty powerful gun in its time. It fires 9mm Steyrs.

Next is a Spanish service pistol known as the Astra Model 400. It’s a blowback, fires a 9mm Largo, which is a weird cartridge. It’s an interesting gun – it went into service in Spain in the 1920s and remained with the military until it was replaced by the Model A in the 1940s. It was meant to be a simple, serviceable pistol, and has some 1911 basics to it. It has a vertical grip angle that can be difficult to hold.

Third on the list is a stubby-looking gun that looks like the Walther P38. They picked it up at a gun shop on the way to Florida. The story goes that the gun was a kind of detective model, concealable and compact that detectives could carry back in the day. It seems to be a P1 or P38 that was cut down in the 1970s for operatives. The sight was relocated to the slide, too. This is a pretty rare find.

Next are some odd rifles. There’s an open-bolt, 22 semi-automatic, Voere Model 2005. Production of open-bolt semi-automatics started getting outlawed. It has a 15-shot magazine, and these guns are now very hard to find. The rifle shoots well, is quite accurate and Mauser-style sights. It has a very basic, simple design with a wood stock.

There’s a Harrington & Richardson Model 755, with a wood stock. It’s a single-shot rifle that is basically like a semi-automatic but without a magazine and it doesn’t return and doesn’t feed the round. The bolt just moves back and forth. It’s an obscure 22 rifle.

Lastly, there’s a Remington 1907, one of the first viable commercial sporting-type guns ever produced. It has an unusual operating system, but is very smooth cycling. The story goes is that some of these were used by law enforcement to round up notorious criminal couple Bonnie and Clyde.

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