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Top 5 Guns I Regret Buying

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Everyone, at one point or another in their lives, has bought something that sounded and looked like an awesome idea at the time. Then after the moment has passed, the purchased item suddenly shows its flaws or begins to look unattractive, and buyer’s remorse sets in. This applies to anything, even to guns.

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Here’s a list of five guns that appeared to be good buys, but turned out to be more trouble than they were worth.

Smith & Wesson Model 61 – a small, compact pistol, this is the gun made famous by Robert de Niro in the movie “Taxi Driver.” A 22-caliber semi-automatic, the Smith & Wesson 61 was also called an “escort.” It has an aluminum frame and holds five rounds in the magazine, but the too short barrel makes its ballistics ineffective and unreliable. While lightweight, it is not accurate or comfortable to shoot, which is probably why the model was only manufactured for three years.

Semi-Automatic Suomi M31 – this submachine gun helped Finland against the Soviet Union during the Winter War. While it looks good on the surface, the gun is so heavy that it makes it strenuous to carry it, not to mention a burden to shoulder and shoot. When it has a loaded magazine, it weighs down even more, plus it also has a heavy trigger pull. Reliability is sub-par and handling is awkward, making this a gun fit for display because of its historical value rather than practical shooting.

Kel-Tec PMR-30 – the capacity of this full-sized, semi-automatic pistol is a strong selling point, but initial use revealed its defects. Its parts are easily damaged, leading to a recall for some units due to issues with the gun’s keyhole. It’s even difficult to get through a whole magazine without the gun malfunctioning, which makes it terrible for any function.

Masterpiece Arms MPAR Generation 1 – a Charles St. George design, this rifle has some good selling points, such as its folding stock and extremely affordable price. However, its wobbly construction makes it seem like the gun will fall apart at any time. Its bulk and weight also make it feel unnatural to shoulder and shoot.

Browning BPS 10 Gauge – while solid and well-made, this gun is now obsolete. It has its good features, such as reliability, plus it’s good for left-handed users. However, 10 gauge shells are incredibly expensive and difficult to find, so 12 gauge models are nearly as good as this one and are much easier to maintain.o

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