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Top 5 Guns to Fight Off an Alien Invasion

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In this humorous episode of Iraqveteran8888, Eric and Chad, wearing tin foil hats, talk about the top 5 guns they recommend to fight off an alien invasion. They stress that the guns have to have a sci-fi look and feel to them, aside from being functional. Taking a purely theoretical approach, they try to answer the question: If you didn’t know what it would take to get rid of aliens, what weapons would you try?

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First up is the FN P90, a personal offense weapon. For close range alien encounters, you would need a tiny gun that holds a lot of bullets. This gun packs a lot of firepower into high velocity rounds. They claim that you might be able to get through the exoskeleton of an other-worldly being or maybe even the windshield of a small spaceship coming at you.

Next is the 556 DMR for those who want a long range option. With this gun, you can go into your hidey-hole and take a shot at the aliens from there. The DMR has a suppressor, so they shouldn’t be able to hear you. Another reason that this is a great alien invasion gun is because a lot of people probably have one lying around. They’re accurate and they spit out hard-hitting calibers that may be able to punch through alien armor and vehicles.

For aliens who have improved glass helmets that you would have to break through, the .458 SOCOM is a good option. It’s got your projectiles and suppressors, so it’s definitely a good stopper. They muse that you can probably kill genetically mutated animals using this gun.

Any would-be alien hunter would need a sidearm, and what’s a better sidearm than the 329PD with a Scandium frame? It kicks like a mule, but that’s half the fun. It’s even got the atomic sign on the side of it, so it looks cool. It’s not fun to shoot, but at least you’ll have style.

Lastly, if there’s just one scatter shotgun that would be perfect for an alien invasion, it would be the FosTech Origin. This box-fed shotgun even looks like it came out of a video game. If you’ve got big mutated creatures coming after you, you’d want a very fast shotgun that holds a lot of slugs.

As a bonus, they recommend the Barrett M107 Semi Auto 50 for neutralizing armored vehicles full of aliens from as far as 600 yards away. However, if firearms aren’t for you, they suggest that a good old-fashioned baseball bat wrapped with spiky wire might just do the trick.

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