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Top 5 Redneck Guns

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Chad and Eric are back with a banjo, and a list of their top 5 redneck guns. Hunting season is upon them, and what better way to greet it than to poke some fun at their fellow rednecks, they say. When you show up to a deer-hunting camp, these are the guns you know you’re going to see, Eric notes.

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First up is the Remington 700 in 300 Weatherby Magnum. You’re not a proper redneck if you don’t have a gun that can shoot a bullet in a straight line at 800-900 yards, Chad says. It’s a good gun for hunting in the mountains at that distance, especially with its killing energy.

Then there’s the Remington Model 4 or a Model 742 or a Model 7400. If you have a Remington auto-loading rifle, chances are you are a redneck, they say. Chad discusses the one they have, which is his dad’s, and the number of repairs they’ve made on similar guns. They are high-quality and perform quite well.

Next on the list is the Enfield Mk III that was customized. Deer camp will have a lot of similar”sporterized” military rifles. The one they have belonged to Chad’s grandfather and has killed so many deer. Chad relates some hunting anecdotes regarding that Enfield.

Also, there’s the Marlin 336. The particular one they have was manufactured in 1946 or 47, and is a beautiful rifle. It’s a lever-action gun, which is popular among hunters. Both Eric and Chad say that from experience, these guns shoot very well, and is a classic — it’s on the list of guns never to get rid of. Marlin was king of the hill when it came to hunting at some point in American history.

Fifth is a little Sears and Roebuck Ranger. The one they have is a takedown, well-worn and well taken care of. This is one for plinking, or for training younger hunters with. Chad goes back to his grandpa using a gun like this, in true redneck fashion.

Their wildcard gun is the incredibly long Marlin goose gun. That barrel doesn’t get any more redneck, Eric says, and Chad measures it, saying the gun is almost as all as he is. Eric says this gun has been in his family quite awhile, and it did harvest plenty of geese and other fowl in its day.

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