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Top 5 Utilitarian Guns

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The guys at Iraqveteran8888 present a list of the top 5 firearms that they consider to be the best when it comes to utilitarian purposes. These are guns that are versatile, either because they take different ammunition types, or because they serve many purposes on a single platform. Eric adds that their criteria includes price or affordability, the condition of the gun, intended use and how it fits that function.

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First on the list is the 12-gauge shotgun, in particular, the Savage they have used on numerous tests and have “put through hell.” Single-shot shotguns are affordable, and are great for pest control or hunting. They also take different shells, and most ammunition come really cheap. They can even take homemade bullets – shotguns are simple, functional, and easy to replace.

Second is the .22 pump-action, because they are fairly reasonably priced, and this is the ultimate in pest control. Also, this gun can take shorts or longs, which is cool because it gives flexibility when it comes to ammunition. It’s handy for hunting small game, too.

Next on the list is the Ruger M77 Mark 2 all-weather, which Eric has had since he was 18 years old. He gives a bit of history behind the gun, saying that bolt-action rifles are highly utilitarian, specifically for hunting. He says he’s shot more deer and critters with this, because of its high accuracy and reliability. It’s also weather-proof, so it is incredibly hardy and handy.

Then there’s the Glock, specifically the Glock 19, which is the Honda Civic of guns, according to Eric. They are reasonably priced, can be used in a lot of scenarios, are easy to get, and remain on top when it comes to the handgun market. Glocks have a proven design, have worked well over time and when it comes to utility, there’s really nothing bad to say about these handguns.

The Remington X70 is fifth on the table, which Eric says is what he picks up when he investigates things that go bump in the night. They take many kinds of ammunition, and are highly reliable.

The wildcard gun is the Mosin – inexpensive, good quality, powerful and fires a high-powered round that can kill any animal when hunting, so it makes the list because it checks out all of the criteria they mentioned.

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