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TOP 7 Sniper Rifles in the World

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Presented here are some of the world’s top sniper rifles as of 2016. He gives a bit of an intro, saying that “sniper” is actually derived from the snipe bird, a notoriously difficult bird to track down and shoot. The term definitely fits, although a successful snipe lies at the hands of the operator, at the end of the day. Without the proper tools, it would be very difficult to shoot.

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In descending order, number 7 is the M110. This American semi-automatic sniper rifle is a designated marksman rifle. Designed in 2007 by US firearms manufacturer Knights Armament, it features a gas-operated rotating bolt-action with a 10 or 20-round detachable box magazine. It has a firing range of 800 to 875 meters. It came about due to a contest by the US Armed Forces, and was first used in service in 2008.

Number 6 is the M40. Tried, tested and true since 1966, these rifles are classic, although referring to the M40 could mean 3 different things: the M40 A1, the M40 A3, the M40 A5. Created from the hunting favorite Remington 700, this rifle has been through a long list of wars. It’s known as one of the most reliable sniper rifles ever produced.

Fifth is the AS50. The British made Accuracy International’s AS50, and it is true to its maker’s name by shooting with a high level of accuracy. Chambered in 50BMG, this rifle has an insane range of 1800 meters, with a lower recoil compared to predecessors. It’s a favorite because of the convenience — it can be assembled and disassembled anywhere in less than 3 minutes, and can be serviced without tools. It’s also lightweight, comfortable to use, and highly transportable.

Number 4 is the TAC-50. Produced in Phoenix, Arizona, this McMillan rifle holds the record for the world’s longest kill shot from 2,657 yards — that’s over a mile and a half away. Not only can it knock people out at that distance, it can blow up engine blocks with the 50BMG. It’s built like a rock, featuring a manually-operated rotary bolt action.

Third is the Arctic Warfare Magnum from Accuracy International, chambered in the .338 Lapua Magnum. They first came into service in 1996 and are still in service today, with over 20 special units around the world using it. It’s lightweight and was built primarily to withstand even the harshest weather conditions. It has a range of 1200 yards.

Second is the CheyTac Intervention. Since 2001, this rifle has instilled fear in the hearts of anyone standing on the wrong side of it. It has been heralded as the deadliest sniper rifle around, and its bolt action design is one of the most flawless to be found. It has a speed of over 3,000 fps, making it ridiculously accurate. It holds the record for the best group at 2,321 yards and has an effective firing range of a mile and a half.

Topping the list is the Barrett M107. This 50-caliber, shoulder-fired semiautomatic has a manageable recoil for such a large gun. It has a large muzzle break, can hit at over 2,000 meters away, and is really an impressive piece of machinery, overall.


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