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Top Ten Concealed Carry Guns (of all time)

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There are many guns with great qualities out there, but when it comes to the best concealed carry guns, the list narrows down. Concealed carry guns, at their best, combine functionality and reliability with accuracy, handling and most of all, size. Here is a top ten list of concealed carry guns.

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Chiappa Rhino 200DS – an unusual pick, but this gun has proven its reliability and accuracy. Unique-looking and simple to use, the Chiappa Rhino 200DS is so small it disappears on a person’s body when concealed, but handles well and is excellent to shoot, with hardly any recoil.

Glock 33 – the baby Glocks are good concealed weapons, but the Glock 33 is a good pick among them for its ease of use and the wide variety of calibers it can take.

Beretta PX4 Storm – a full-sized weapon, this Beretta still makes for a good concealed weapon, although its size and bulk might make it a bit more difficult to carry around. It’s easy to convert, has an extremely high capacity, a good grip and good sights.

Ruger LCRx and the Smith & Wesson Model 637 – very similar guns, both low-capacity but are small and simple to use, lightweight, comfortable to hold and shoot and are great for beginners.

Beretta M9A1 Compact – while a bit bulkier than other concealed carry guns, this Beretta is one of the most accurate guns around, has high capacity and is beautifully designed and built well.

SIG Sauer P239 – the only model from SIG that would make a good concealed weapon, the P239 handles well but has a low capacity.

Glock 19 – this Glock might be a little thick and large for concealing, but is very reliable and has a high capacity. It’s easy to use and accessories for it are widely available.

Colt Detective Special and Smith & Wesson Model 60 – the guns that can be credited for starting the concealed carry revolution, these two perform well, though the Smith & Wesson’s all stainless steel build might put it slightly ahead in terms of quality.

1911 EMP 9mm – easy to carry due to its slim profile, short barrel and short grip, this 9mm is very accurate, has good sights and a light trigger.

Beretta Cheetah – small and comfortable to shoot, the Cheetah offers a variety of rounds, has a great capacity, is reliable and looks good.

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