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If you touch a brace to your shoulder are you in trouble?

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Tim from the Military Arms Channel presents the SB Tactical arm brace, and does a quick discussion on this accessory. There has been plenty of speculation and misinformation on the use of this brace on pistols.

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There was a letter issued by the BATF two years ago that appeared to criminalize occasionally resting the brace on a shoulder while firing. The letter was released just before SHOT Show, and it said that if someone takes a handgun that has a brace on it and touches it to his or her shoulder to fire it, the gun has been redesigned from a handgun to a rifle.

Tim says the letter was rather ambiguous, because after talking to a number of attorneys, he found out that in a court of law, it does not seem to be an enforceable law. Everything about the issue revolves around intent, so if the intent is to own and shoot a handgun, and a shooter just happens to touch the brace to the shoulder accidentally, there’s no way a law is broken that way. He says it’s like saying that when he takes his 4×4 jeep and drives it onto a racetrack, he has redesigned the vehicle into a race car. It just does not work like that.

He gives an example using an Uzi handgun – the legal, semi-automatic version. Since this gun is so much heavier than other guns, it could benefit from a stabilizing brace. Tim fires a few rounds from the gun as a pistol in the regular firing position, with arms extended. He then touches the gun to his shoulder while firing, and again to his chest, asking if he is now redesigning the gun into a rifle that way.

He attaches a brace to the handgun then, and explains how the stabilizing brace works. It’s quite helpful for those with disabilities or the elderly, he says, and demonstrates how it works. Tim goes on to show how the gun can accidentally touch his cheek or shoulder, which doesn’t make sense, he says. He further clarifies why he’s explaining this – it was because of comments on a previous video, which he found ridiculous.

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