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How Tough is a Hi-Point? (CHEAPEST PISTOL)

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Matt takes a Hi-Point .40 caliber out – he says the premise of the video is that he wanted to find the cheapest pistol he could find, and conduct a few experiments. He went to the pawnshop and picked up a brand-new Hi-Point. He says it’s the ugliest pistol he’s ever seen. It doesn’t look good, doesn’t feel good in the hand, makes weird noises, is heavy and blocky, but it came at such a cheap price.

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He has an FN57 on the table, along with a Canik TP9SF. The first is a more expensive pistol and the Canik is a budget pistol, so there’s a full range present. Matt admits he has a terrible bias against Hi-Points. It only holds 10 rounds, single stack, and he tries shooting a few rounds, commenting on how disgusting the trigger is.

As luck would have it, the gun made it through without issues. On the second try, the gun jammed after a few rounds, to Matt’s glee. He says it keeps doing something funny while he’s shooting, and he says it’s really clunky. However, when he shoots slowly, it does seem to have some accuracy. He tried shooting really quickly, and he gives it the benefit of the doubt because it’s brand-new.

Then Matt tries some torture tests. He runs the gun over with his truck, and goes back to check. The barrel’s clear and he tries to shoot it again. It fires pretty well, and he is pleasantly surprised that it’s still functioning well.

He throws the Hi-Point into the pond then goes to fish it out. Then he fires it again a few times (while still in the water), and it still functions well. He stuffs pond scum into the gun and fires. It still works, though it does kick, and he fires rapidly to check.

He puts it right under the tire of the truck and runs it over then goes back to the range. The Hi-Point holds up well. He turns to the Canik, and uses it to shoot the Hi-Point, which he manages to mangle that the slide is dented. But to his ultimate shock, it still worked and he actually managed to fire it a few times, even with the damage, earning the gun some respect in his eyes.

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