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Tour of a Dutch Gun Collection

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Ian says that one of the collectors who allowed him to video some of his guns while he was on a trip to Europe said he should do a presentation of his entire collection. He adds in the caption that there is a misconception in the USA and in Europe that European governments ban gun ownership, but the truth is that laws vary according to country. All of them, however, allow gun collecting if the owner is willing and able to secure the necessary permits.

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Ian has been going around Europe, visiting museums and private gun collections. The collection presented here is every bit as good as the best collections in the USA, though the owner remains anonymous.

He starts with a whole bunch of handguns in a glass case, which trace the progression of Dutch military sidearms from flintlocks to percussion guns to revolvers to semiauto pistols. There are pistols from other countries, as well.

Mounted on the walls are more modern guns. There are AR-10s, Sigs, a progression of submachine guns, among many others. Turning the corner, there are racks and racks of rifles. There’s a French portion of the collection, which Ian tries to identify, saying he doesn’t even know all of them. Then there’s the German section of rifles, an assortment of Japanese guns, substantial rows of Swiss and Dutch models.

There are American rifles, as well, including some Civil War era carbines, and some light machine guns on the floor, such as a Dutch Lewis gun. There are Soviet and Communist block rifles, Swedish guns, a Hotchkiss. There’s an Italian section, Austrian rifles, Portuguese rifles, and a British section, specifically some British trials rifles. There’s a whole area for accessories, too.

Ian says he’ll be featuring some individual guns from the collection on Forgotten Weapons, and marvels at the sheer scope and number of items present in the room.


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