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Tricked Out Competition Shotgun!!!

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In this video, Demolition Ranch gets together with Aaron Hayes from Hayes Custom Guns to try out a shotgun custom-built just for this episode. The gun is a Benelli M2 with specific features that are unique to 3-gun competitions. The features make it faster to shoot, faster to load, and easier to shoot fast.

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The most obvious difference is the 12-round magazine tube, which is pretty big. It could go up to 14 round tubes, but those can be a bit awkward. 12 is a good number. It also has a reduced power recoil spring, so you can run high power loads. The gun also comes with fiber optic front sights, as well as an oversized safety and charging handle.

They opened up the loading port of the Benelli quite a bit for faster reloading, which was done in a milling machine and then polished by hand to round off all the edges. This is so you can get your thumb behind shells to easily get them in quickly. They also stippled the stock for a better grip.

In 3-gun, it’s all about speed; the slowest part of shooting, assuming you’re hitting your targets, is loading, so four shells are loaded at one time.  Loading four shells at a time is called a quadload. Aside from making firing fast and efficient, the gun is easier to maintain because it works on inertia rather than gas exhaust.

Another great feature of the M2 is its recoil reduction system, which is basically a spring that goes from the gun’s action all the way through the stock to eliminate barrel bounce during shots. This is good for shooting for long periods of time because it’s relatively easy on the shoulder.

Hayes Custom Guns also does custom logos and Cerakote coatings. They also do competition grade pistols, single stacks, double stacks, Glocs, MMPs, and general gunsmithing.

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