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Umarex Gauntlet Air Rifle Review

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In this video, 22plinkster reviews the Umarex Gauntlet Air Rifle. He’s taken a liking to air rifles, and has been reviewing a bunch of them recently. He notes that in the past, he has done some expensive air gun reviews, but this one is different in that the Gauntlet is not that expensive. Air Depot sent him the rifle to check out.

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This air gun has a PCP tank, and a regulator, which is usually found in more expensive air guns. This gives a user more consistent shots every time. It also has an adjustable cheek piece on the rear, which can be raised or lowered to give a cheek well. The barrel has a shroud system in it, making it suppressed – no need to attach an external suppressor. This makes the Gauntlet very quiet. It fires 22-caliber pellets at roughly 850 feet per second, and it takes a 10-shot rotary magazine.

22plinkster says that he has been shooting the air rifle for some time now, and he has been pretty pleased with the groups that he has been getting at 50 yards. He sets up a target to show viewers what the rifle is capable of doing. He loads the air rifle, taking note of the optic he’s using.

He fires a few rounds, saying that there’s little wind, which is good. He demonstrates how to load the gun, and finishes the first group with five shots. It’s an excellent group, really tight, just a half-inch at 50 yards. He says he’s been shooting air rifles for as long as eight months, and this rifle – which costs just $300 – performs very well. The trigger isn’t as good as those on more expensive air rifles, but this one does the job.

He says he’s shot some expensive air rifles, and this Gauntlet is on par with those. People in residential areas who want to do some varmint control can use this air rifle, because it’s so quiet, though he does caution using it where there are plenty of houses and people around.

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