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Unique Trick Shots & NRA Interview With Gunslinger Kirsten Joy Weiss

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In this video, Kirsten Joy Weiss shows us a special interview she did with NRA all-access where they interviewed her and created an episode full of her signature trick shots using new and old guns. They also talked a little bit about her backstory and the reason why she formed her YouTube channel. She also mentioned her mission, which is “to spread the positive reality of shooting and the freedom that it protects, and a whole lot of fun in between”.

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Kirsten is a competitive shooter turned trick shooter whose challenging performances stretch beyond the range. She is a decorated shooter whose talents gained her quick notoriety from social media to television networks. Her experiences allowed her to share the positive side of firearms to the mainstream audience. Her mission is so important to her because she wants to set a positive example about gun handling.

Contrary to popular belief, she didn’t start handling guns at a very young age and she doesn’t train every day. Her first experience with a gun was with a .30-06 rifle with her parents, with minimal instructions. She started competitive shooting at 16. Her coaches encouraged her parents to try and get scholarships for college. She didn’t even know that it was a whole sport; all she knew was that she enjoyed it.

Over the course of her career, she’s won a lot of competitions. However, she had a bad experience at one point in her career where a team member or coach sabotaged her. After that, she took some time off and lived abroad for a while. She trained under different Grand Masters of various ancient arts. She discovered that a lot of arts and a lot of endeavors apply to shooting as well. It was hard at the time, but she now thinks of it as a blessing in disguise.

So when she came back, she came back stronger than ever. From competitive shooting, she moved on to trick shooting because she thought that it was the best way to share her love for shooting visually.

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