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Vietnam War: Guns of the Viet Cong & NVA

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In this episode of TFB TV, Miles interviews Col. Greg Dillon, who also featured in a previous video they did. Dillon sat down and talked with them about the small arms that himself and the men he was commanding were faced with during the course of his two tours in Vietnam during the conflict in the 1960s — everything from AKs, B52s, and RPGs are lightly discussed in this informative episode. Although they don’t get into specifics, Dillon still has an excellent memory of his service days, and provides us with fascinating anecdotes from these wartime experiences.

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Miles says that he was interested in finding out more about the firearms that US troops faced during the Vietnam War. The first thing mentioned in the interview are mortar systems, wherein the Vietnam soldiers would sneak up and turn the clay mortars around on the US soldiers.

The US troops were very ingenious, Dillon relates. One weapon was a ball of barbed wire in front of which was a charge, so when the enemies came, the charge would be set and the barbs would go flying in all directions.

Kalashnikov rifles were a firearm of choice at the time, because they fired under any weather condition. Miles asks what weapon the US troops were most afraid of, and vice versa. Dillon says small arms, primarily because they can hit anything, even randomly. The Vietnamese hated the B52 strikes, he thinks, because they took villages by surprise — they couldn’t hear them coming then suddenly, chaos would ensue. Prisoners would talk about those strikes, he says. Dillon talks some more about the B52 strikes, and relates some stories about prisoners they had interrogated.

SKS carbines as DM rifles, Dillon also says, were feared by both sides. He didn’t see that many sniper rifles on their side, but they were there and the Vietnamese soldiers targeted officers, radio operators and essential personnel. They also had a heavy machine gun that was very effective — in short, the Vietnam troops used everything they could get their hands on to fight the enemy.

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