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Walther Creed 9mm: Budget Heavyweight Champion

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The Late Boy Scout presents the Walther Creed 9mm, which he calls the budget heavyweight champion. In the video, he says this no-frills gun sacrifices little to nothing in the neighborhood of ergonomics, accuracy and reliability.

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The Walther Creed comes with two magazines, with 16 rounds each. He looks at the box, which is very basic, with just a molded plastic hinge and clasps. The PPSM2, on the other hand, has a more high-end look when it comes to the case. He then demonstrates how to load the gun and use the magazine release, saying that it is a humongous magazine release. It is also reversible for left-handed users.

The slide has a lockback and a takedown lever, and he demonstrates how to take the gun down in a very simple process. Sights are very functional, and appear to be adjustable on the rear. The gun weighs 1.75 pounds, with a lot of weight on the slide. He compares it to the weight of a Canuck, while he’s at it.

The gun has done pretty well for most ammunition he has shot, he says, except for steel case rounds. The gun comes with a trigger lock, which can be used as a ramrod to eject rounds if they get stuck inside the barrel. He thinks it’s more about the ammunition. There’s a Picatinny rail with a divider down the middle, and rear and front slide serrations.

Ergonomics are fantastic, and other users have agreed. It fits well, even for smaller hands, and the grip is reminiscent of the PPQ – very comfortable, which is a big selling point. The gun sells for as low as $300 on sale, he says, which is a good price for a full-sized, 9mm German-made gun. He then takes the gun for a quick shooting test at the range, and he says it’s good for defensive shooting.

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