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What Will A .50 Cal Bullet Do To A Baseball?

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In this video by FullMag, we see what happens when a .50 caliber bullet hits a baseball. In the first few scenes, he shoots a baseball using a .22 and it passes pretty cleanly through the ball. He isn’t satisfied with just the .22, so he gets out some .50 caliber bullets. We are shown slow motion footage of the bullet passing through the baseball. There’s a clean entry hole right on the stitching line and there’s a nice blowout at the back. It has a little bit of a bigger exit wound than the .22.

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After shooting some baseballs, he talks about his experience at the range and explains that in his last video, he had the X-Site II and people were asking why it was so cool. One of the things he likes about it is being able to set profiles, which is the biggest benefit of having that. A lot of people like being able to record their hunts or shoots, but for him, having to option to swap an optic from rifle system to rifle system is what’s really been beneficial. You can set profiles for different rifle systems.

He holds up his AAC 300 Blackout and explains that whenever he takes his X-Site II off of his rail system, he just marks where he has it set at and then takes and throws it onto a SCAR .22 that he uses in a lot of his other videos. Pretty much all of his rifles have a profile, with the exception of the .50 for the X-Site II, so that he can film with it. Additionally, he always marks on the picatinny rail where that was at, so anytime he’s done shooting, he can jump from shot to shot with the same optic without having to buy five of them to be able to film the POV shot.

This video was created in response to some people in the comments asking him to shoot some baseballs.

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