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Will A Chainsaw Fix The Worlds Most ABUSED Glock 17?

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Glocks are some of the world’s most popular handguns. All-around reliable, accurate, easy to use, handle and carry, they have long been a favorite among military units, law enforcement and civilians the whole world over.

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To prove just how resilient a Glock can be, a gun enthusiast conducted a video demonstration of if and how an old and abused Glock 17 would function even after considerable neglect. The Glock 17 used had been left to the elements for over a year, which had resulted in rusting and a buildup of dirt, leaves and other debris. Even without having been fired or cleaned in a year though, the Glock’s barrel still showed the barest minimum of rust and looked to be perfectly serviceable.

In a bid to invoke an emotional response from viewers, the Glock 17 was further subjected to abuse by pouring oil over it and using a chainsaw to generate sawdust all over it. This resulted in a pasty mess that covered the entire exterior of the gun.

The shooter donned the proper protective gear for the test, including Kevlar gloves and helmet to prevent any self-harm that might result from a malfunction during the firing. The Glock 17 was checked and a magazine was loaded into it, then fired at a target. The gun fired properly but after two rounds, the magazine slipped out of the butt, so reloading failed. After replacing the magazine, the gun was fired again before a bullet jammed in the chamber. The magazine also continued to slip and had to be constantly pushed back in after one or two shots, then it just slid right out before the magazine was finished.

The video proved that no matter how abused a Glock might be, it can still provide excellent shooting performance. While the magazine did slip, there seemed to be no considerable effect on accuracy when the gun did discharge the bullets – something that is reassuring for Glock owners everywhere.

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