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Will a Shovel Stop a Bullet???

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There are a variety shovels and there are a variety of guns, and there are also a variety of people who are curious to know if shovels are bulletproof. Demolition Ranch tested different shovels against a number of guns and ammo.

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The aluminum alloy, a fairly thin and lightweight shovel made for cleaning out horse filth, was up first. It was the weakest shovel against a .22 LR, which is the weakest round. The bullet went right through as expected. Next was the steel transfer shovel against the same caliber. It made a dent, but the bullet didn’t go through. However, it didn’t hold up against a real caliber 9mm out of an Arex Zero 1S pistol.

The same 9mm caliber was shot at a round point shovel, which is a little thicker than a transfer shovel, and it didn’t go through. So he tried the Liberty Civil Defense 9mm round, which goes at twice the speed of a regular 9mm because it’s only half the weight. At 2000ft/s, the Liberty Civil Defense is known for making it through body armor that regular 9mm ammo won’t pierce, so it’s no surprise that the bullet took out the round point shovel. It took out the next competitor as well, the thicker and more heavy duty drain spade.

However, the Liberty Civil Defense barely made a dent on the scraper, a really thick and very heavy steel shovel, so he tried a 5.7x28mm shot out of an FN Five-Seven. It didn’t make it through either even if it was a 40g bullet moving at around 2000ft/s. So he tried a Taurus Judge .45 Long Colt with a 200g bullet going at approximately 1100ft/s. It was a very fast and very big bullet, but there was still no penetration.

Finally, he brought out the FN FAL sent by a viewer named Dan to go up against the scraper. Of course, it destroyed the shovel. He also tried shooting birdshot and as expected, there were no dents on the backside, but the 12 gauge shotgun slug went straight through. So in conclusion, a quality shovel can probably stop a 9mm, but if it’s anything bigger, just use the shovel as a weapon and not a shield.

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