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World Record 12 Shots In Under 3 Seconds

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This video by HeyYouItsMyTube shows Jerry Charles Miculek, Jr., dubbed “The Greatest Shooter of all Time”. The 60-year-old American professional speed and competition shooter is popular for having many shooting world records, doing appearances on TV, and starring on his family-owned YouTube channel, Miculekdotcom.

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In 1999, Miculek set a world record using a stripped-down Smith & Wesson revolver, firing 12 shots on a target with a single reload in just under three seconds. He is renowned as the fastest and best all around shooter in the world. He currently holds five officially sanctioned world records in revolver shooting and over 15 unsanctioned records with firearms ranging from rapid firing pistols to the Barrett M107 .50 BMG rifle. Some of his more recent accomplishments include doing 6 shots in .98 seconds using a Barrett M107 50 BMG rifle and a 1000-yard shot offhand with his signature 9mm Smith & Wesson revolver. Miculek is also one of the only people in the world to hold a life achievement award for shooting.

He has many commendable accomplishments, including being a two-time Overall IPSC Handgun World Shoot Revolver Champion and one-time Senior Overall Champion, seven-time USPSA 3-Gun National Champion, three-time American Handgunner World Shoot-Off Champion (and the only person ever to win this title with a revolver), eight-time USPSA National Revolver Champion, ten-time IDPA Enhanced Service Revolver Champion, four-time USPSA Multi-gun National Champion, twenty-one time International Revolver Champion, and more.

He has a daughter named Lena Miculek-Afentul, who is also a successful shooter and world champion. She was recently crowned as the best all-around female shooter in the world at the 2014 Trijicon World Shooting Championship. Smith & Wesson endorses Jerry Miculek and created the S&W Model 625JM model, as well as the the Miculek series Smith & Wesson model 929 9mm revolver (designed in part by Miculek himself), in honor of him.

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