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World’s Fastest Shotgun: Fostech Origin 12

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In this filmed exercise from Eric of Moss Pawn & Gun, the topic at hand is a suppressed Fostech Origin 12 SBS, a shotgun whose speed is supreme. While the number of guns in the category of semiautomatic shotguns isn’t a crowded field, this is considered the Rolls Royce of the lot. The model used in this video features a 30 round drum of 12 gauge shells that look like a great deal of fun to shoot.

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The Origin-12 uses a well-recognized gas-operated action along with a magazine-fed system. It also comes equipped with a last-round bold hold-open feature and the firearm is coated inside with nickel Teflon for a distinct look and durable feel. Just about any picture you find of someone holding one of these things online features a big grin — that’s because for the $3,000 dollar price tag, they’re most definitely getting their money’s worth. Specs for this amazing shotgun are available below.


  • Quick Change Barrel
  • Forward Charging Handle (NON RECIPROCATING)
  • Ambidextrous Safety & Mag Release
  • In-Line Detachable Magazine
    • 5 Round Mag w/Gun
    • 20 & 30 Round Drums Available
  • Last Round Bolt Hold Open
  • 3-Point Operational Trigger Finger Position
    • (Includes Trigger Operation, Mag Drop, and Bolt Release)
  • Infinitie Gas Block Adjustment
  • Multi-Caliber Receiver
  • Minimalist Stock from MFT
  • All Weather Tactical Hard Case
  • Caliber: 12 Guage
  • Sights: Iron; Optional Optics

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