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World’s SCARIEST Ammo? — The “SHREDDER”

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What is the scariest round that can possibly be fired from a shotgun?

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With the level of advanced technologies being developed today, it has become increasingly easier to create weapons that can inflict more damage. Even bullets can now be made from 3D printers, opening up a whole new field of speculation and experimentation in weaponry.

A group of gun enthusiasts decided to forego the high-tech route and devised a more basic way of inflicting damage: using X-Acto blades as shotgun slugs. The idea itself is terrifying: small, razor-sharp blades shooting at a target with the same speed and velocity as a normal bullet.

An experiment was conducted to see if blades would be effective in hitting a target and piercing it, and if so, just how much damage it could do to a target. The round used was simple: 12 stainless steel X-Acto knife blades packed into a shotgun shell. Weighing 1 ounce, the 2-inch long blades were held together by industrial thread. The shell was then loaded into a shotgun, and went in surprisingly well.

The blades were initially fired at a large watermelon placed in front of a plywood backdrop. As soon as the trigger was pulled, the thread holding the blades together snapped, sending the blades scattering forward in different directions. Some hit the watermelon and the wooden board, firmly embedding themselves into the targets.

The group then decided to pack the blades together using electrical tape, which held together better but still exploded as the blades reached the target. The experimenters then employed a mannequin head as a target, which was more compact, to see if any of the blades would make it. Enough did to cause considerable damage, were the target a living creature.

The next target was a group of large cucumbers placed upright, the idea being to see if the blades could slice or chop. Upon firing, one of the cucumbers was sliced in half, and while the other cucumbers were pierced, the angling of the blades appeared to have no specific patterns.

The experiment concluded that while there is no shortage of gimmicks and funny shooting methods when it comes to guns, it’s best to stick with the tried-and-tested methods, gun models, and ammunition.

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