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You’re Doing This Wrong… | Pro Shooting Tips #9

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Kirsten begins by saying that if you think shooting is simply picking up a gun, putting the stock to your cheek and looking through the optics, you’re wrong. If you want to become a better shooter, you’ll want to listen to this tip, coming from a professional shooter who has won prizes and medals for the sport.

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Today, Kirsten is going to talk about a concept that people tend to overlook, ignore or just downright don’t know about — proper cheek weld, or proper cheek position. She’s going to tell viewers what it is, what it does, and how to fix it, because without a proper cheek weld, it will open up a shooting group and you’ll have inconsistencies in the group size, mystery shots and all sorts of things.

Now, most people just lift up the gun and put their cheek on the stock. This is alright for average shooters, but great shooters know the importance of consistent, proper cheek weld. What is proper cheek position? Ideally, when you put your cheek on the stock, and you close your eyes and relax, you should see a perfect sight picture when you open your eyes. You shouldn’t have to move your head to get that sight picture. Whatever is most comfortable is ideal, so some people use their jawbone, some use their cheekbone.

How does this affect shooting? You may look like you have a good sight picture, but in reality, you don’t because you’re constantly moving that cheek. She demonstrates what she means, using her hands and eyes. Basically, you’ll be moving your barrel to align with your sight.

So, how to fix this? Kirsten demonstrates with an M1 Garand, correcting the pronunciation. She says to lift the gun to your cheek, let it rest and close your eyes. If you open them and don’t have a proper sight picture, that’s not the proper cheek position. She adds that she has a lot of guns that are not ideal for her cheek position — only one or two are really set up well. The first way to fix this is to deal with the stock by adapting. Next is to shave or build up your stock, especially if it’s a wood stock, to fit your cheek. And third is to get an adjustable stock or cheek piece, which is only practical for professional shooting or regular gun use.

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