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12 Gauge RUBBER Shotgun Bullet — Do these things really hurt?

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This is another segment from TAOFLEDERMAUS, where Nick is testing out the Stabili-Shock rubber shotgun slug. Manufactured in Italy, these particular slugs are used by both law enforcement for the purpose of controlling riots and by the military for training. Nick, who is a veteran of the United States Marine Corps, explains that he thought he had been actually shot by a live round when hit by one of these bullets.

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The bullets are comprised of actual rubber and are relatively soft to the touch. While these are ballistically rated as “less than lethal,” that determination is only based on discharging at comparatively lower speeds than is done in this video. TAOFLEDERMAUS wanted to determine whether or not these slugs are lethal if loaded HOT, which is surprisingly doable.

It is essential to stress how important following loading data and testing procedures are, especially when using non-lethal slugs in a firearm. This video proves that even rubber bullets can cause potentially mortal injuries.

The manufacturer states that for the slugs to be rated “less-than-lethal” in the United States they should be dispersed at a maximum of 426 f.p.s. or 130 meters per second.

  • Length: 1.6″ (40.63mm)
  • Diameter: 705″ or 17.9mm
  • Weight: 0.208zoz or 5.9 grams or 91 grains
  • Material: TPV Rubber


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