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Billy Birdzell and Cannae Shield Soft Shell Jacket

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This video by the Military Arms Channel features the Cannae Shield Soft Shell Jacket. The jacket is a type of outdoor clothing that is breathable but can protect the wearer from the harsh elements.

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The term “softshell” usually refers to a class of knit or woven materials, made from polyester and nylon that bridges the gap between waterproof hardshell jackets and highly breathable fleece jackets. Hardshell materials often feature a woven face fabric laminated to breathable waterproof membranes or micro-porous coatings. These materials keep out precipitation, but still allow for some perspiration and water vapor to “breathe” from the garment. With hardshell jackets, a measure of water vapor will be trapped inside the garment, which means that even though the jacket keeps out water, it also keeps the wearer clammy and damp with perspiration.

On the other hand, softshell materials rely on a DWR coating on the surface of the fabric to keep out moisture. As a result, softshell jackets sacrifice a measure of waterproof-ness and windproof-ness in favor of breathability. Softshell jackets are also softer to the touch which makes them more comfortable to wear, particularly when the user is wearing a short-sleeve or a no-sleeve shirt.

Softshell jackets are less water and wind resistant than hardshell jackets, but they are more flexible, and generally more durable than hardshell materials, and more protective than fleece. Softshell jackets are used for all sorts of outdoor activities, such as climbing, mountaineering, ski-touring, backpacking, cycling, and running. It is also popular for aerobic activities with dynamic weather conditions.

The Cannae Shield Soft Shell Jacket features several pockets, as well as zippers on the sides that allow the wearer to access his or her front and back pant pockets.

In summary, the Cannae Shield Soft Shell Jacket is a breathable and hard-wearing piece of clothing that offers freedom of movement. It is suitable for dynamic weather conditions, and can keep a wearer moving while being warm and dry.

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