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The BulletSafe Bulletproof Baseball Cap Put To The Test

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The makers of the bulletproof baseball cap have made a video to answer the most pressing questions they have gotten from interested customers (and perhaps a few naysayers).

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They mention that a lot of research went into the cap, so they did a quick overview of the science that went into the production of the cap. They had a specialist in ballistics and special effects come in and make them three identical ballistic heads for the experiment, so they could shoot the heads with and without the caps, look at it in slow motion and dissect the results.

The ballistic head and shoulder busts are made out of resin, made to mimic human flesh and are the same type of ballistic gel used in things like police experiments. There are three identical normal-sized adult skulls shown, but only two were used in the shooting test. The heads had gel brains inside them for a better, more realistic grasp on how the bulletproof cap should work.

He shot the first ballistic dummy without a cap at about two feet away. In slow motion, the head is seen jerking back and some debris comes out the back of the skull. The bullet entry is on the forehead, exiting the back.

The next shot is fired at a dummy wearing the baseball cap with one round of a .45 ACP. In slow motion, the head jerks back as the cap takes a shot and the cap flies off the head. Upon inspection, the bullet looks to have broken the skin and fractured the front of the skull, but there’s no exit and when the cap is inspected, the bullet has embedded in it. This, he says, proves that the cap works.

Back at the lab, both heads are opened to reveal the gel brains. The brain shot without the cap had a path through it, with bone fragments scattered through it. The brain from the head with the cap had no damage whatsoever, and the resin behind the entry wound, what would be the skull in real life, was in good shape.

This means the bulletproof cap is ready to save lives.

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